Peaceful Piano Guitar

Music To uplift your soul and heart

*For Tuning in, relaxing, meditating, yoga, etc.*

Peaceful Piano Guitar: Zodiac Meditations is a ground-breaking, multi-dimensional project combining astrology, inspirational words, and meditation with our Power of Eights’ distinctive piano-guitar sound. Each piece corresponds to one of twelve signs of the Zodiac. To date, the project has produced a full-length album (available on Spotify, iTunes/AppleMusic, CDBaby), an artwork/music free playlist, and an ongoing series of meditation/nature videos (available on YouTube). New videos will be released up to Pisces 2019

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Adriana: “I have always loved astrology because it helps me understand and accept others different from me. James and I came up with the concept of creating meditation music for each astrological sign. We’d express the essence of each sign through reflective music and words that would pay tribute to the sign’s positive aspects in an inspirational way. To create a relaxing vibe, we decided to stick to piano and guitar.

James chose chord progressions from rock songs that capture elements of each sign, sometimes with a little tongue-in-cheek humor. For Aries, we used the chords of “C’mon Baby, Light my Fire,” because Aries is a fire sign, and anyone who has talked to an Aries for any amount of time knows that they are especially fiery and passionate. For Pisces, we used “Bridge Over Troubled Water”— Pisces a water sign who embodies empathy, compassion, and true friendship. For Gemini, we used “Something in the Air,” to capture Gemini’s free-thinking, rebellious spirit.”